Freelance License Application Process

Freelance License

Business Trade Name

Choosing Your Trade License Name

  1. Choose up to 3 trade names in order of your preference. The trade name will appear on your Business License as well as on your Emirates ID*, under Sponsor section.

*if applying for residence

Notes: avoid using forbidden names, as per the UAE laws. Trade names approval are subject to availability.


Choosing Your Activities

2. You can choose up to 3 activities for your establishment license, in the order of preference. The activity you mention first will appear as the main activity on the trade license.

Notes: all activities applications are subject to approval, based on the documentation provided. If more than one activity is chosen, it needs to be the same professional category.

Professional Documents

Diplomas and Certifications

3. Please make sure all documents are in colored PDF format, clearly readable scans.

  • Professional Diploma in English, and/or
  • Educational Certificate in English, attested by MOFA* and/or
  • other additional specialization or professional documents relevant to the activities of choice

*if your educational certificates are issued outside the UAE, you might need to approach your Consulate for legalizations

Notes:  for translation services, please visit our Services page

Required Attachments

Personal Documents

4. Along with the diplomas, you are required to submit the following:

  • Passport Copy
  • EID copy (front and back)*
  • Passport size photo (soft copy/ digital)**

*if applicable

**You can get your photos done in most of the specialized photo centers across any city, following the standards below. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone or computer to take one, following the guidelines below.

Notes: Please submit all documents in colored PDF format, clearly readable scans.

Service Request

License Application Form

5. Download and fill in the editable application form below, consenting FIDA Group to process your personal information for business license issuance. Make sure you have all the documents ready, and you have chosen 3 trade names and 3 business activities.

Service Request

List of Required Documents

6. Attach the following required documents in an e-mail and sent it to with the subject: Freelance License Application. A member of our team will evaluate and provide feedback on your application.

  • application form
  • diplomas/certificates
  • passport copy
  • photo ID

If there are no further requirements, we can proceed with the payment and your license will be issued in a maximum of 5 working days. 

Corporate Services Invoice


7. Your services will be invoiced accordingly and we can now start the freelance business license as your establishment. Feel free to check our additional services that might benefit your business.


License Issuance

You may now start your successful independent journey! If you require additional services from our group, we would be happy to support and assist you to the best we can.

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