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There are endless benefits on starting your journey as a freelancer, especially in a business-friendly environment such as United Arab Emirates has to offer! Don't look any further, claim your freedom today!
NOC available
Depending on your future decisions after receiving your visa and EID, you might be required an NOC and that can be released by your employer.
Employment Visa
A work permit can only be released if you have an employment visa sponsorship. The freelance permit allows you to residency valid for the specialization that you apply for, with the possibility of extension to 2 or 3 years.
Shared Office
With the work permit you now have access to flexi desk modern facilities available for freelancers.
Affordable Price
We run various campaigns in supporting entrepreneurs. Inquire for entrepreneurship women packages currently available!
Diverse Activities
You can choose from a wide range of activities that suits your needs as a freelance, provided that you have a diploma or certificate stating your specialty.
EID & Medical
With a freelance permit you have the costs of the digital visa stamping, EID and the fitness certificate* included.

Work Permit Activities


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    Work Permits
    Made Affordable

    Choose freedom! Your entrepreneurial journey starts here, with probably the most affordable packages tailored for your needs.
    Work Permit
    • available for women only
    • EID and Visa required (NOT INCLUDED)
    • 1 year validity - renewable
    • activities available for non-degree holders
    Permit Visa
    • valid for women only
    • EID, visa, medical test
    • E-channel and status change
    • 2 year validity
    Regular Package
    • available to men
    • EID, visa, medical test
    • E-channel and status change
    • 2 year validity

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the difference between a work permit and a freelance license?

    A work permit is issued by a company that employs you and offers an Emirates ID and visa, while a business license enables you to sponsor yourself and receive an investor visa of your own.

    How do I receive my fitness certificate?

    The work permit package includes your medical fitness exam (blood test and chest X-Ray) and you will have to present yourself at a dedicated center, chosen by your employer which might be outside Dubai. You can also opt out to have your tests done in any other facility, at you own cost.

    Note: Only a valid Fit To Work certificate will enable you to have your Emirates ID issued.

    Can I have my permit issued if I don't have a degree or certificate?

    For activities such as media or professional, the permit can be issued based on your CV, previous experience and a short business plan. Academic or Educational activities do require a certificate.

    If you require help with drafting a business plan to be approved, you may check our service page here.

    Is there a medical insurance included?

    No, the medical insurance is not included, but you can opt for a basic or premium one, depending on your requirements. You can check our service page here for a customized quotation.

    Why do I need an NOC?

    A Non Objection Certificate is released by your employer at your request, if you decide to practice a job as a freelancer or use any services that might require it.

    How many activities can I choose?

    With the freelance work permit you can choose only one activity. If you plan being licensed for more than one activity, please visit the freelance business license page, where you can add up to 6 activities.

    Can I apply for permit without having visa and residence?

    No, for permits to be issued you require a valid Emirates ID and visa. If you do not have residency in the UAE, please refer to the packages which includes this service.

    Is there an age limit for permits application?

    Yes, you must not be above 58 years old and applicants must have a degree if applying for visa as well.


    For any further any questions, please feel free to contact us by sending an email, a WhatsApp inquiry or give us a call anytime you want. We are here for you, supporting entrepreneurship at all times!

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