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There are endless benefits on starting your journey as a freelancer, especially in a business-friendly environment such as United Arab Emirates has to offer! Don't look any further, claim your freedom today!
Establishment License
Select one or more category from the activities list that suits your needs and make it your brand!
Investor Visa
You are eligible to sponsor yourself by opening your E-channel under your own establishment and avail a 3-year investor visa
Sponsorship Opportunity
As an investor, you are able to sponsor your immediate family such as your parent, husband/wife or children. Benefit from this feature to keep your family close!
Business Banking
Your license will allow you to open a business bank account in order to deal with your future clients optimally!
Individual Insurance
You can now opt in for a better medical insurance dedicated to access a wider network of clinics and improved benefits. Stay safe so you can help your future clients and your immediate family
Cost Effective
Probably the most affordable option currently present in the UAE, with minimal renewal or cancellation costs. We are here for you!

You don't know where to start?

You have come to the right place. Our expert coach can guide you throughout a professionally designed course to help you get clarity in your future business. We don't jusdge at FIDA, let's brainstorm together!


    Made Affordable

    Choose freedom! Your entrepreneurial journey starts here, with probably the most affordable packages tailored for your needs.
    Business License
    • Trade Name
    • 100% ownership
    • Visa Eligibility
    • Low Renewal Costs
    Accounting Toolkit
    • Trade Name Bank Account
    • Access to Invoice Software
    • Stamp
    • Logo creation*
    VISA & EID
    Investor Visa
    • Freelance Business License
    • 3 years EID
    • Eligibility for opening bank account
    • Sponsorship Applicability

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What kind of visa am i eligible for with this license?

    We can help you open an e-channel and sponsor yourself as an investor for 1, 2 or 3 years.

    Can I sponsor my family with the investor visa?

    Yes,  you can sponsor your husband/wife, parent or children under the same visa, for an additional cost, subject to submitting the required documents for each procedure.

    What is the processing time for the freelance license?

    If the process is followed closely, issuance of the license could take not more than 5 working days. See the entire process here.

    Can I use my personal bank account with the freelance license?

    Yes, you can use your personal bank account but we highly recommend you open a business bank account, which you are eligible for by having the license.

    What is the difference between freelance license and freelance permit?

    A freelance license is a business establishment that you open under your name, allowing you to have your own independent visa, while a permit is an employment visa under another company which issues such permits with a NOC.

    What is a financial deposit and how do I get it back?

    When you are sponsoring yourself, as opposite to being employed under a sponsor, the immigration department will require a financial deposit which vouches for your responsibility taken as investor. This deposit is 100% refundable at  services cancellation and you will be provided with the necessary documents in order to retrieve it.

    Can I employ staff under this license?

    No, you are not allowed to employ people under this license. If you apply for EID under your sponsorship channel, you are entitled to sponsor your immediate family only (husband/wife, children, parents).

    How long is the license valid for?

    Your freelance license is valid for 1 year from the moment of issuance, and needs to be renewed yearly. The renewal cost is AED 3,000 and in the eventuality of cancellation, the charges are also of AED 3,000.

    How many activities can I choose for my business license?

    You can choose up to 6 activities  depending on the certifications and diplomas that you have available. Some activities complement themselves, so we can add the with no issues. All activities are subject to approval.

    Do I really need a medical insurance?

    Yes, medical insurance is a mandatory requirement for Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents. Please visit our medical services page for more information here.


    For any further any questions, please feel free to contact us by sending an email, a WhatsApp inquiry or give us a call anytime you want. We are here for you, supporting entrepreneurship at all times!

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