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Endless benefits and a wide network coverage for individuals or family. Dubai residents can opt for additional services such as dental, optics, chiropractors or therapy.


Easy journey for tourist visa holders, covering medical emergency expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation and personal insurance for belongings or flight services.

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FAQ & Resources

What are the types of medical insurance available for UAE residents?

There are currently 2 types of insurances, basic and individual premium. Basic insurance mainly covers emergencies, maternity services, and services such as general examinations, diagnostics and treatments prescribed by general practitioners, specialists, consultants, laboratory test, radiology, physiotherapy and prescribed medicines.

Facilities are easily accessible by both locals and expats, and the networks cover private as well as public clinics and hospitals. Most of the insurance providers have apps that makes it easy to access information such as hospitals around, pharmacies or even video consultations.

Is the medical insurance mandatory in the UAE?

Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made the medical insurance policy mandatory for residents, regardless if they are employees, investors or dependents. The medical insurance card number is automatically linked with the Emirates ID when the visa is processed and uninsured people can face fines up to AED500 per month.

How premium medical insurance price is calculated?

The basic plans have fixed price for certain categories of employees or dependents. The premium individual plans on the other hand, are calculated according to gender, marital status, residency city, benefits and network. The medical form application also contributes to price increase if preconditions are declared for coverage.

The public healthcare in the UAE is administered by different regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHP), Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Emirates Health Authority (EHA) and premium policies cover a wide range of network, multiple specializations such as dental, hearing and vision aids, vision correction by laser, therapy etc across the Emirates and internationally.

When moving and residing in the United Arab Emirates, quality of healthcare is one of the top priorities made mandatory by the government. The country aims for high standards of healthcare and in 2018 it was ranked one of the Top 10 most efficient systems in the world. The main reason private healthcare is expensive in the UAE is because the number of expats outnumber locals, and subsequently there are more private hospitals and clinics than public ones. Also, the system provides high-end medical equipment, well-trained doctors and also innovative researches.

Are there any required documents?

Depending on the service you want to access, you will be required to submit your personal information and documents. For premium individual insurances, you will require a Medical Application Form.

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